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The company primarily works within Pennsylvania; however, it is not uncommon for Lone Pine Construction to work outside the state in such areas as Alabama, Georgia, Nebraska, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland and West Virginia. With an overall bonding capacity of $25 million, Lone Pine Construction is financially stable and fully insured. Under the conservative leadership of President and CEO Regis Leach III, the company was founded in the early 1980’s and has experienced steady growth over the past several decades. With solid roots in the construction industry, Regis has over 40 years of construction experience. Starting in the industry at an early age, Regis worked for his father’s construction company throughout his youth and prior to starting Lone Pine Construction. With a solid vision in mind, Regis took Lone Pine Construction from its humble beginnings to its new, first-rate facility located on Lusk Road in Bentleyville.

Lone Pine Construction boasts a full compound consisting of office space, meeting areas, a picnic area, a complete steel fabrication shop and an equipment fleet warehouse.  Lone Pine is proud of the fact that many of its quality employees have been with the company for many years. Lone Pine Construction customers benefit from this dedicated team of professionals as they fully commit themselves to each new project.

When clients select Lone Pine Construction for a project, they become part of the Lone Pine Construction team supported by a full realm of highly-skilled individuals. In fact, company leadership boasts a combined experience level of over 60 years in the Heavy and Highway Division, 150 years in the Mining and Industrial Division, over 40 years in the Water and Waste Division, and over 50 years in the Commercial Construction Division.

Lone Pine and its management team are committed to client satisfaction and quality work on-time and within budget. Experience, equipment, project staffing and supervision, unsurpassed client commitment and a team philosophy are the core values of Lone Pine Construction.